listening to a sad song that has a nice beat




This guy has the biggest balls

i just have one question to ask you son

did she say yes?


hell ye


fun fact: in germany if you’re a neo nazi or own nazi regalia they arrest the absolute fuck out of you

fun fact: guess what we should do in america

Character Designs from The Little Mermaid by Glen Keane

Character Designs from The Little Mermaid by Glen Keane



How to Ladder or ‘Invisible’ Stitch

Great Stitch for closing up seams. I use it sometimes when I want to close up a regular lining neatly (although I’m sure there’s better stitches for that)

I use this stitch for literally everything— finishing lining, finishing bias tape, you name it. I have no idea how I lived before I knew this stitch.

Roman in D: Roman Reloaded
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded


i hope everything on the planet gets destroyed and only this is left for other species to find the only artifact of what humans left behind 

"do it. kill him." compilation



i can’t stop laughing (x)

Life with a vigor is a better life! → Part I/II.